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 Background for poster needed

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PostSubject: Background for poster needed   Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:59 pm

I am designing a poster to be displayed at a local casino show lounge to advertise the finale of Gay Top Model and will have two photos of each of the contestants.

The contestants were photographed in formal wear and then in fetish wear (the theme being Bond and Bondage). So I will (tomorrow morning at the office so no samples yet) be using the formal wear photo for each of them as the playing card back and then put the fetish wear photo on plain white (centred like the joker body) with a card designation on each for the front of the card. These "cards" will be strewn over the poster somewhat randomly.

What I need is a fun Bondian background. I was thinking casino chips or other games... or just some cool graphics that are original so I don't have to worry about copyright. This background will be behind the contestant playing cards.

Anyone have any samples or ideas they want to share tonight?
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Background for poster needed
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