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 007: Weeping Blood [ Fan Film ]

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PostSubject: 007: Weeping Blood [ Fan Film ]   Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:26 pm

The X3MSonicX Productions' third fan Bond film and first book, again starring Daniel Craig.
Complete Synopsis:

Just after the last occurrings from Perla de Las Dunas, Bond was under vacation when M called his services when she suspected about Quantum acting again. She told Bond about everything that he should know about his next case.
After a long time on the case, he knows that Kratt, Le Chiffre's Bodyguard, was alive, and intended to kill him, in an attempt of revenging the death of his boss. He is now a close chair to the leader of the organization.
At the investigation from Bond on Quantum, he learned that the leader is a Woman, called Walkyria Nortwick. He knew that she was, obviously, a very feared and powerful person in the organization, having lots of bank accounts throughout the world. Any underestimation she thinks she is being aimed at, will be seriously taken care of.
Bond also had known that Kratt intends to kill Walkyria, and assume the position of leader in Quantum. Bond will try to run after Walkyria as soon as possible to protect her, in exchange for any evidences, testimony, revelations, and possibly, the end of Quantum.


The book is being written.

Movie & Book scheduled to be launched anytime at 2013.


Book Cover:

Official Fan DVD Cover:

DVD Alternative Cover:





Theme Song: 'Indestructible - Orchestral Version' by Robyn

Opening Credits:

Official Trailer:

This movie OR book has no timeline events completed or started. It may have cast, music, soundtrack, scenes or schedule changes.
The movie also may not be launched, due to possible professional life changes.
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007: Weeping Blood [ Fan Film ]
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