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 What order did you see the Bond films in?

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PostSubject: Re: What order did you see the Bond films in?   Wed May 30, 2012 12:58 am

I can't recall for sure, LALD was the 'new' Bond film when I was first introduced but the older titles were doing the rounds in double bills....I may have seen Moore's debut first but it is also possible I caught one or more of the double bills before it, only YOLT seemed to elude me - all the more annoying as the trailer always showed Bond getting gunned down in the bed and it was a while before I found out how he got out of it.

After LALD it was definitely a case of the release order, even though I was so dissapointed in TMWTGG I almost decided not to see another!
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PostSubject: Re: What order did you see the Bond films in?   Wed May 30, 2012 2:29 am

LTK on Video 2000 (11 or 12 Years old)

Goldeneye Cinema (12 or 13 December 1995)

Other Bond movies & Goldeneye on VHS in 1996

Tomorrow Never Dies Cinema (14 December 1997)

Goldeneye on tv (1998) Tv premiere

Tomorrow Never Dies on VHS (1999)

Twine Cinema (14 January 2000)

Tomorrow Never Dies on tv. (Tv premiere in March 2000)

Twine dvd (2000) My first (Bond) dvd

Twine on tv. (Tv premiere December 2002, promoting DAD)

DAD Cinema (Release date 9 January 2003)

DAD dvd (2003)

DAD on tv (2005) Tv premiere.

CR Cinema (24 January 2007)

QOS Cinema (17 December 2008)

CR on tv (2009) Tv premiere, 13 April 2009.

QOS on tv (2010) Tv premiere, 29 March 2010. CR be for the second time on tv on 22 March 2010, but don't view it.

CR on tv (2011) Third time on tv (3 January 2011), second view for me.

QOS on tv (2011) Second time on tv (10 January 2011), second view for me.

That i owned the movies on VHS/DVD not be end of wachting them on tv. TMND inlude tv views i have seen 14 or 15 times and Goldeneye and Twine 10-12 times mabey more.
After Twine on 27 October 2000, in March 2001 i bought Dr no and TMND be first one's i watch on dvd in May and June 2001 i bought the rest and OHMSS and Goldeneye be possible the last i watch from the first 19 dvd's. From my first 23 dvd's, 21 of them are Bond movies. I start and end 2001 with Bond and at the end of 2001 my Bond movies on dvd collection include Never Say Never Again & Casino Royale 1967 whas complete.

The World Is Not Enough: Special Edition 1
M:I-2 2
Dr. No: Special Edition 3
Tomorrow Never Dies: Special Edition 4
From Russia With Love: Special Edition 5
Goldfinger: Special Edition 6
Thunderball: Special Edition 7
You Only Live Twice: Special Edition 8
Diamonds Are Forever: Special Edition 9
Live And Let Die: Special Edition 10
The Man with the Golden Gun: Special Edition 11
The Spy Who Loved Me: Special Edition 12
For Your Eyes Only: Special Edition 13
Octopussy: Special Edition 14
A View to a Kill: Special Edition 15
The Living Daylights: Special Edition 16
Licence to Kill: Special Edition 17
On Her Majesty's Secret Service: Special Edition 18
Mission: Impossible 19
GoldenEye: Special Edition 20
Moonraker: Special Edition 21
Never Say Never Again 22
Casino Royale 23
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PostSubject: Re: What order did you see the Bond films in?   Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:35 am

Goldeneye: ( March 2011) the first, I watched it the same day I found out the game I've grown up with was based on a movie
Dr. No: (April 2011) As I decided I liked Bond, I decided to start with the first movie and go chronologically (eventually I did not respect that).
From Russia With Love (May 2011)
Goldfinger (June 2011)
Tomorrow Never Dies (August 2011)
Casino Royale (August 2011)
Quantum of Solace (August 2011)
The World Is Not Enough (September 2011)
Die Another Day (September 2011)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (November 2011)
Diamonds Are Forever (November 2011)
The Man with the Golden Gun (December 2011)
The Spy who Loved Me (January 2012)
Live and Let Die (Jauary 2012)
A View to a Kill (March 2012)
For Your Eyes Only (March 2012)
You Only Live Twice (March 2012)
Thunderball (March 2012)
Octopussy (April 2012)
The Living Daylights (April 2012)
Moonraker (April 2012)
Licence to Kill (September 2012)
Casino Royale '67 (October 2012)
Never Say Never Again (Summer 2013)

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Chief Executive
Chief Executive

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PostSubject: Re: What order did you see the Bond films in?   Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:56 am

Goldfinger (just before I turned 4 years old in movie theater) 1964
Thunderball/You Only Live Twice double bill at the Jerry Lewis Cinema 1971
Dr No/ Diamonds Are Forever double bill at UA Blossom Hill theaters 1973
Man With The Golden Gun Century theaters 1975
Live & Let Die (Garden theater revival house)1975
ABC - OHMSS (bastardized version) 1976 I think
From Russia With Love (on triple bill with DN and GF - have seen this triple bill 6 times at two different revival houses) 1976
SPY WHO 1976
OHMSS in the cinema.1978
Moonraker/FYEO/OP/NSNA/VIEW/TLD/LTK/GE/TND (not in theater)/TWINE/DAD (not in theater)/Casino (not in theater)/QOS in theater
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Experienced Correspondent
Experienced Correspondent

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PostSubject: Re: What order did you see the Bond films in?   Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:16 pm

The World is Not Enough (cinema)- I fell asleep after 10 mins because it was a late night show and I was only 5. I don't know what my parents were thinking? Watched it on TV years later around 2006 before the release of CR.

Die Another Day (cinema) - terrible experience I was only 9 and thought it was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon.

Tomorrow Never Dies (DVD) - Watched it at my cousin's home around 2004. Thought it was stupid action film and still do.

DN- DAF- I saw all the Connery outings on TV just before the release of CR back in 06 when I was 13 and became a Bondfan hence the username.

CR- (cinema) - back in 06.

LALD-AVTAK - Saw all the Moore outings on TV around early 07.

OHMSS - I bought the UE DVD around late 07 and this is when I watched OHMSS for the first time.

TLD-LTK-GE- (UE DVD) - Around early 08.

QOS- (cinema) - late 08.

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PostSubject: Re: What order did you see the Bond films in?   

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What order did you see the Bond films in?
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