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 "The Ages of Bond" - character development in the novels

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PostSubject: "The Ages of Bond" - character development in the novels   Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:27 am

Hi everyone,
I’d like to say official “Hello” to the elders of the forum and ask a few questions :)
Lately I came across this article
It started to fascinate me how Bond’s image gradually changed within Fleming’s books. What’s more, other authors added new elements on their own, thus ultimately changing the original persona. Do you see similar stages in the non-Fleming-written books? And with which of the stages would you match SOLO? ( if at all)  
BTW have you ever seen articles or book chapter on the similar topic? Apart from the fact that the number of books about the novel-Bond is rather limited, there is even less materials about the development/change of the main character – something as analytical as Eco’s article about the narration.
all best,
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"The Ages of Bond" - character development in the novels
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