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 I Only Need One - MWTGG fan film

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PostSubject: I Only Need One - MWTGG fan film   I Only Need One - MWTGG fan film EmptyWed Feb 11, 2015 6:13 am

Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on the forums after exploring many of the topics! I wanted to share something that I think is of interest to the 007 fan community.

We're doing a short fan film called I Only Need One - you guessed it, a short inspired by MWGG. We're modernizing the characters, updating their combat tactics and the intensity of the Funhouse, all while staying within the "Bond Rules" that keep it classic and make it a Bond film.

We've got a sick Golden Gun (this time with a built-in flashlight), a PPK, and are working on building the funhouse set with rotating mirrors & a grid up top that we can rig to so we can do some light wirework for stunts (send people flying, etc). We also have a sick fight planned with a Fire Axe and huge muscle man like the huge guy fight in District B-13.

We launched an indiegogo for fundraising cash to build this stuff, transport and feed cast and crew, and more. There's some pretty rad perks for backers, including a replica of our Golden Gun with their name etched in calligraphy on it. Check it out!

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I Only Need One - MWTGG fan film
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