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 A Bird With A Wing Down

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PostSubject: A Bird With A Wing Down   Wed Apr 01, 2015 5:12 pm

Finally making my way through The Spy Who Loved Me… Really liked the title of the chapter 'A Bird With A Wing Down'. I think that would make a great title for a Bond film, which leads me to: I know Fleming said that only the title of the novel can be used for a film adaptation, but with Jaws allegedly been lifted from this book, what else can sneakily be taken from the novel, and could chapter names from SPY be used at all?

And on another note, what do the female members of the board think of The Spy Who Loved Me and about Viv Michel? How do you feel about Fleming's representation of women (considering time period and all that) through the protagonist?
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A Bird With A Wing Down
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