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Erica Ambler
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PostSubject: for a better tomorrow   Sun May 03, 2015 9:39 pm is a great place to check out insane America.

Some of my favourite film reviews are on the site. Here's's take on Bad Santa for example:

Quote :
If children do happen to see this movie, and God forbid that drunk or otherwise temporarily insane parents allow it, their knowledge of profanities, sexual exploits, safe cracking, drinking, smoking, and playing con games will increase to staggering levels. Oh, that the Body of Christ would cry out for the lost in this industry, and oh, that God would raise up more godly filmmakers who can give audiences not only good entertainment, but the truth that will fill their empty souls!

Please address your comments to:
Bob and Harvey Weinstein
Co-Chairmen, Miramax Films

Under the Skin gets off fairly lightly:

Quote :
One of the worst, most boring and most pretentious movies ever made, period. It also tells a sordid, abhorrent story that will turn off moviegoers with even a modicum sense of taste, proportion or morality. The movie’s humanist worldview seems rather nihilistic – a survival-of-the-fittest story with little or no compassion or humanity.

Howevere, my current leader is the largely forgotten Mike Figgis film Internal Affairs:

Quote :
Here are the reasons why this film deserves an evil content rating:

- parricide (the murder of one's parents) is discussed.

- fratricide (the murder of one's brother) is carried out.

- one-second, black & white scenes of graphic erotica of Peck in bed with Avila's wife are featured (these seem designed to arouse on a subliminal level in the way subliminal movie ads did, appearing for only 1/16th of a second).

- so many obscenities are used in the film that the people in the theater began using them out loud, too.

- Peck (Richard Gere) has sex with every female in the cast, including adulterous sex with his brother's wife (hence, the double meaning of the film's title, "Internal Affairs").

Still, there's more: lewd sexual talk, innuendos and dress; demonized wife-abuse; lying, deceit and treachery; excessive use of alcohol; and, a police officer enticing another to commit murder. Added to this seedy underworld of corruption, prostitutes, bars and drugs is a baffling plot line with hard-to-hear dialogue. So far, this is the worst film of the decade.

I am proud to say that all three films make my Top 100. I'm going to hell, folks ROTFLMAO
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Makeshift Python
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PostSubject: Re: for a better tomorrow   Sun May 03, 2015 9:42 pm

Reminds me of, where mediocrity is rewarded.
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