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 "Look Who's Back, Back"

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Hilly KCMG
Hilly KCMG

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PostSubject: "Look Who's Back, Back"   Tue Oct 06, 2015 9:04 am

this is what happens when alcohol makes you take pen to paper. Though the idea rattled around after I read Timur Vermes' Look Who's Back and my thinking, well I did the Skyfall pastiche, where next can my lack of adventure take me?


I once wrote that you only live twice, once when you are born and when you face death. It seems you actually live thrice, for like a bad penny you can return again. I would like to come up with some fancy explanation as to how this happened and yet even I cannot do this. Imagine my surprise when I discovered eventually that the character I created had lasted all these years in many films, played by many actors and made millions.
I remember once drinking with Terence Young one night after I had been shown Dr No and recounting some rather sordid stories from the war. One thing I remember is that we both agreed that once you are dead, you are dead. There is no point returning, though I often entertained the notion of haunting my wife.
All I know is that I woke in Claridge’s. Now, I have nothing against the hotel but of all the places to return to life in, this was not it. For one thing the food never entertained me other than a severe bout of indigestion and another it now seems to be the play pen for some boorish blond oaf who cannot string a sentence together without swearing. I can swear with the best of them but a man must show class sometimes by showing the intelligence to speak without cursing. I sound like my mother but one hopefully sees my point. I swiftly discovered that I was alive. The last thing I remember was severe pain and nothing. Nothingness.
That had been 1964.

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"Look Who's Back, Back"
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