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 "The Property of a Lady"

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Hilly KCMG

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PostSubject: "The Property of a Lady"   Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:32 am

So. Here we go again. Now, if Master Ambler is quite correct this is by and large useless as the forum is somewhat of a wasteland and furthermore, it's a wasted effort on my half. But here we go. Having spent my November working steadily on a novel as such (I say novel...overbloated story more like), I felt the need to relax into something simpler. So this came to mind largely driven on my relentless listenings of "Hercules Take Off" from Living Daylights. Anyway.

Here is a recap of all my stuff so we know where it sits in a timeline.

The George Lazenby series Follows on from OHMSS the film and films previous

*years are subjective and hypothetical (it's all a bit of fun)

Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
The Man With The Golden Gun (1973)
The Spy Who Loved Me (1974)
Moonraker (1976)
Octopussy (1978)

short stories: The Property of a Lady, Forever Autumn (immediate sequel to DAF), All Our Yesterdays (alternate reality where Tracy lived)

The Sam Neill's follows on from the Lazenby's

Shatterhand (1983)
A View To A Kill (1984)
Death Is So Permanent (1986)
Die Another Day (1989)

It's possible that the series would've had its problems, thus the gap between Lazenby and Neill. Not to mention that Shatterhand detailed a Falklands War different to the actual conflict and also how by the time I wrote DAD I was fed up.

The Dalton's- following on from LTK and all films until then

A Whisper of Hate (1991)
The Crimson Hour (1993)
The Mirage of Fate (1995)
The Property of a Lady (1998)

this presumes there were no problems re: Eon/MGM etc and so following LTK the series continued as usual. It's possible Dalton could've carried on until the new century if not the mid 90s

The World War II Bond

*Years cited are when the books are set (the series presumed this was Fleming's Bond at war. I then years later read Boyd's take in Solo. The two are VASTLY different)

On His Majesty's Service (1940)
The Devil's Crusaders (1941)
The Lasting Storm (1942)
Above All, Courage (1942-43)
Where Angels Fear to Tread (1945)

For the King (1948, set during the Berlin Airlift)

Short stories: Islington (1940), From a Far Shore (1944), Blue Skies (1940)

-THE EVIL THAT MEN DO (1940-42, where Britain was invaded by the Nazis and Bond was in the British Resistance).


All these stories were written between 2007 and 2010/early 2011. Most were on old MI6.

Sitting comfortably?


The Northwest Passage, Canada

It was so cold that the breath from most people’s mouths was freezing in mid-air. This did not seem to affect the Russian crew as they worked hard on the ice close to Baffin Island surrounded by miles of ice, snow and godforsaken landscape that had claimed so many lives before now. Watching over them was their ship –a huge icebreaker named Volgograd whose bows were painted with a giant sword. The men were working hard to establish a pipeline that would be of benefit to Russia in the Arctic summer when the once fabled passage was fully open to shipping.
“Look!” a man cried out his voice muffled by his polar headgear. His arm outstretched he pointed to the open body of water before the Volgograd.
Appearing in the water was the unmistakable black shape of a submarine’s sail. The submarine surfaced seconds later, the water returning to its calm icy blackness. The men stopped their work to watch. The sight of the Maple Leaf being unfurled from the periscope mast was not surprising. Still, what trouble could Canadians pose?
“Ahoy there!” a voice rang out via amplifier. “This is HMCS Alexander of the Royal Canadian Navy, you must cease your actions immediately. You are in violation of International Maritime and Canadian sovereign territorial lines.”
The Russians turned back to what they were doing. On the icebreaker the loudspeakers squawked: “We are in our rights, Canada. This is an international shipping lane.”
“No. You are well within Canadian territorial markers. You have five minutes to collect your men and move off or we will fire torpedoes.”
That was something the men on the ice did not want to hear even if they were confident in their abilities as Russians. The water was so damn cold that a man would die in seconds if not a minute. They knew that the captain of the icebreaker as well as their boss on the bridge would not hesitate in leaving them to die anyway.
Unbeknownst to all during the dialogue, a figure in black emerged from the cold waters shimmying up the stern cable that had been lowered to act as a sounding buoy. The man climbing was not feeling the cold owing to the hi-tech insulation that lined his suit. He wore a mask that as such came down to his lips. With a dagger in his mouth like some old fashioned spy, he continued his ascent safe in the knowledge that no one was there on the starboard side to see him. Reaching white coloured after deck, he dropped into a squatting crouch and assessed the situation. There was no situation; still it was best to be prepared. The icebreaker had a crew of a hundred with most of them below decks; some would be on the bridge of course and in certain other parts and the remainder on the ice now being harassed by the submarine. The man in black straightened and hurried to steps that ran up the starboard side onto the superstructure’s ‘promenade’ deck. Time was of the essence, especially considering this was ‘off the books’. He was extremely fortunate to make it all the way down the deck to the front without encountering anyone or needing to slow down. However, at the end he had to enter the superstructure and did so. Pushing open the door he threw himself into a tuck and roll coming up on one knee, the men in the bridge were taken by surprise. Before any could shout in surprised Russian the man in black shot each one. Except his gun made a soft thudding sound and when the men fell they had a little red feather protruding from their chests.
All except the large man with a receding hairline who wore navy blue seaman slacks and a navy style jumper that strained over his round belly. He slowly raised his hands.
“It seems you have me, whoever you are.”
The figure in black went to change cartridges speaking in an icy voice: “These aren’t tranquilisers.”
“You want me to go with you?” the Russian asked in careful tones. His English was faultless.
“No. Not exactly.”
“You could at least tell me who you are.”
The figure removed his wet-mask exposing dark hair, cobalt blue eyes and lips twisted into a slight scowl now. “Happy, Anton Milo’vich?”
“I see,” Anton Sargovsky said with resignation. “James Bond. So he sent you, even though he’s dead now. He sent you.”
“The admiral always hated loose ends,” Bond said gesturing with his Browning handgun. “To the deck, we’re going onto the ice.”
“Why Bond? Like me you are a man of honour and this does not seem honourable.”
“I’m following orders.”
Sargovsky laughed as he reached for the door handle. “James Bond meekly following orders, I don’t believe it!”
Bond shoved him into the door. “Listen, I’m doing my job. You know why this had to happen. We’ll forget your illegal operation outside, you know damn well it’s Canadian waters here and so does the Kremlin! We know why I came here. You and your late friend, Silva.”
Sargovsky froze. “He’s dead too, Bond.”
“You’ll notice a pattern is emerging. Now, open the door, turn right and keep walking.”
As they did so, one of the men who had been tranquilised came to. Bond started as he heard the groan and whirled to see the man stand up scrambling for the gun on his hip. Bond fired his first, neatly blowing the man’s brains out. The shot had gone off like a cannon in the enclosed surroundings of the bridge. Immediately cries rang out in Russian then alarms.
“Damn!” Bond cursed and began to shove Sargovsky down the deck. “Come on!”
“Your darts were quite useless, James Andrei’vych!”
“Canadian SIS for you,” Bond remarked. They shuffled down the deck not helped by Sargovsky’s hesitance and efforts to stall. Whatever he did it worked for from a door just down from them a shaven headed man in Russian navy uniform appeared and opened fire with an AK-47. Bond shoved Sargovsky down firing as he too dropped. The Russian sailor was hit across the chest and cartwheeled over the railing to the ice below. Bond hauled Sargovsky up by the collar of his jumper. “MOVE!” he roared.
Behind men came running down from a ladder off the very top deck where the lifeboats were kept. Bond kicked at Sargovsky sending him to the stairs back onto the aft deck and spun round firing. As his clip emptied he pressed something at the back of his Browning flinging it forward before diving down the steps. There was a muffled thump as the handgun exploded in front of the pursuers. Bond was already picking himself up off the deck as well as Sargovsky. Going to the side he peered over seeing the white, anonymous expanse of ice. This would have to do. He had fouled up –as the Americans would put it- by letting people see him and see this. SIS back in London as well as the government would be forced to apologise, to cover up perhaps and Bond…
“End of the line, Anton.”
“Just make it…”
He never finished it, Bond with both hands lifted Sargovsky up by one leg managing to pinwheel him over the side. He looked down as the Russian slammed into the ice leaving small splinters emerging from his body. Bond was about to move off when he noticed something that had come off Sargovsky when he flung him over the side. Stooping he picked up a ring. Frowning he noticed the octopus against a black backdrop and frowned deeper. His thoughts interrupted by Russian shouts of anger and thudding of feet, Bond ran to the aft where he had climbed up and rapidly descended into the cold waters once again.
Up ahead of the Volgograd the Alexander had turned around. The chaos on the icebreaker had not escaped the captain of the sub –the only one to know of Bond’s plan- and now was becoming anxious that he was about to be the instigator of World War III. Standing on the sail of the sub with his collars turned up and stamping his feet he heard the startled cry of a lookout.
“Man in the water, sir!”
The captain looked to his left seeing a figure in black splash out towards the Oberon-class submarine. “Quick, get him aboard! Officer of the Deck, this is the captain, standby to dive!”
Minutes later they were submerged and holding a stationary position beneath the icebreaker. As the captain headed to the sickbay he assumed the Russians would move off now that their operation had been disturbed. He found Bond sat on a bunk, wearing his navy issue shorts and looking quite relaxed with a cigarette in his mouth.
“I don’t have smoking on this ship, even from a three-ringer,” the captain said with a relieved smile.
“Sorry, the doctor thought I needed it,” Bond said extinguishing it on the bulkhead behind him.
“Back to Halifax?” the captain asked.
“Yes. My job’s done.”
“You have no idea of the paperwork…”
“A matter of duty,” Bond interrupted a little hotly. The captain nodded, Bond was rattled and so was he for that matter. Returning to the bridge he ordered a course for Halifax, Nova Scotia where in time Bond would find his route home. Bond meanwhile picked out the ring he had recovered and looked at it. It was something he had not seen in quite some time. Something that he had hoped he would never see again.
“Spectre,” he whispered closing his hand over the ring.


“Property of a Lady”

Based upon “SPECTRE”
Following on from “A Whisper of Hate”, “The Crimson Hour” and “The Mirage of Fate”

Helen Mirren as ‘M’
Dougray Scott as ‘Q’
Caroline Bliss as Miss Moneypenny
Michael Kitchen as Bill Tanner
Caroline Proust as Dr Madeline Swann
And Stellan Skarsgard
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PostSubject: Re: "The Property of a Lady"   Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:36 am

So if "The Mirage of Fate" was Dalton's "Skyfall," then this is Dalton's "Spectre?"

Okay, I'm in.
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Chief Executive
Chief Executive

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PostSubject: Re: "The Property of a Lady"   Wed Dec 23, 2015 11:38 pm

Much as I love Sam Neil, personally I think age wise Dalton was prime and ready for the role when he actually got it - so I'd like to have seen his era begin 1986. has wasn't too old in '91 but I think the ability to see him mature in synch with the role would have paid dividends.
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Hilly KCMG

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PostSubject: Re: "The Property of a Lady"   Fri Dec 25, 2015 10:01 am

I'm sure it would have. Just a shame it never happened. The Sam Neill thing was neither here nor there. If I remember, I had Lazenbynised the thing as much as I could and wanted a fresh face. Such as it turned out. smile
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PostSubject: Re: "The Property of a Lady"   Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:42 am

Looking forward to more of this.
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Hilly KCMG

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PostSubject: Re: "The Property of a Lady"   Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:21 am

What I have done is not much. It's all a bit dry at the moment.
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PostSubject: Re: "The Property of a Lady"   

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"The Property of a Lady"
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