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 Child well-being in the 21st century

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PostSubject: Child well-being in the 21st century   Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:31 pm

Quote :
"Parents in the UK want to be good parents, but aren't sure how," the research suggests. "They feel they don't have the time, and sometimes the knowledge, and often try to compensate for this by buying their children gadgets and clothes."

The research compares Britain with Sweden and Spain. While the UK languishes in 21st, and last, place in the child well-being table, they come second and fifth respectively.

One reason they perform so much better, according to Unicef, is that in both countries "family time is protected" and children "all have greater access to activities".

"In Sweden their social policy allows family time and their culture massively reinforces it. In Spain fathers do work long hours, but the extended family is still very important and women stay at home to look after their children."

Interesting read. It ties in with Ambler's piece that tied the changed position of women in the work place to economic realities rather than real societal change.
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PostSubject: Re: Child well-being in the 21st century   Thu Sep 15, 2011 12:22 am

It is interesting but I´m not sure about using Spain as an example - family time may be prioritised but education here is SHIT and the reason children spend so much more time doing activities is because they are so behind technologically that many Spanish children barely know what the internet is.
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Child well-being in the 21st century
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